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How we handle charitable donations

Everyone wants to leave behind a legacy, and giving to charity is one of the most altruistic ways to do that. We handle all donations carefully to ensure that all money raised is kept safe and secure while being collected.

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A wreath being placed on a coffin

Keeping the donations secure

On the day of the funeral we will place a locked donation box so that people exiting the chapel can leave their donations and cards. After the funeral we will produce a list of all donations received and after approximately 2 weeks we will contact the family to ascertain if there are any further contributions to be made.

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A funeral director with a client

Giving to the charity

After 2-3 weeks the donations will be forwarded to the chosen charity by us, alternatively the family can if they wish to, take the collection directly to the charity themselves.

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If you have any questions about how we handle donations,
call us on 0121 559 1062